Terms of Service

We provide fully automatic purchase on amazon and Rakuten and no warranty or guarantee of service or uptime. Any automated use of our service is strictly forbidden without express permission from us. Persons found to be using automation will be immediately and permanently banned. We reserves the right to make changes and improvements to these Terms of Service at any time and without notice. By using this site you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms and do so at your own risk.

Collection of Personal Data Statement and Privacy Policy ("Personal Data Privacy Statement")

By using our extension, You agree that we make third-party login credentials accessible to authenticate this extension and collect authentication code storing in browser cookies.This third-party website no need to provide any personal data.

This extension will collect your setting data on extension input field and storing on browser local storge for saving the setting information. For automatic Login Function, we may collect your account(optional), password(optional) to achive automatic Login function that storing your information using the extension-scope local storage. If you want to use Automatic Login function on amazon, which mean you are agree that the extension storing your account and password information using the extension-scope local storage and collect your data from extension-scope local storage during the process. If you choose to enable this function and enter your account and password, it means you agree above statement.

You can use all of our services without providing any personal information. All sensitive data will not be stored anywhere other than the user’s computer. All stored data will not be transmitted。


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